Posted on: Wednesday November 27, 2019

Over 1,570 farmers in CamSur receive hybrid rice seeds, fertilizers
More than 1,570 farmers in the municipalities of San Fernando, Minalabac, and Gainza in Camarines Sur received hybrid rice seeds and fertilizers on November 23, 2019. Congressman Luis Raymund “Lray” Villafuerte and Governor Miguel Luis “Migz” Villafuerte led the distribution of rice seeds and fertilizers and personally visited the farmers.

A total of 1,000 famers benefitted from the distribution in San Fernando, 1,000 farmers benefitted in Minalabac, and 571 benefitted in Gainza. Each farmer received 15 kilos of hybrid rice seeds and one sack of fertilizer.

“I am a single parent, and my only source of income is farming. I have three children, and with the help of farming, I am sending my youngest child to school, and the other two already graduated from college,” said Lorna Capardo, a beneficiary from San Fernando. “That is why this kind of program is very helpful for us farmers,” she added.

During the distribution, Gov. Migz shared to the farmers that starting next harvest season, the provincial government will purchase rice directly from them at PhP17.00 per kilo, a price which is much higher than the average farm gate price.


“It is hard to be a farmer because rice is purchased from us at a very low price. Usually, we can only sell our harvested rice at PhP11.00 or PhP12.00 per kilo. With this kind of price, we find it hard to budget our expenses. If we can sell our rice at PhP15.00 per kilo, that would be great! What more if we can sell it at PhP17.00? It would be very helpful for us farmers,” said Florencia Jacobe, a beneficiary from Minalabac. “I stocked 30 sacks of my harvested rice at home because the price nowadays are still very low. I am planning to sell my harvest at a higher price,” she added.

Moreover, Cong. Lray shared that after purchasing the rice from the farmers at a higher price, he and Gov. Migz will distribute the purchased rice to the people through the Food for Work Program. In the Food for Work Program, the provincial government gives rice to volunteers who help in the conservation, protection, and rehabilitation of the environment.


Written By: Jan Marie Ramos

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