It is with utmost pride and honor that I am able to serve CamSur in its 438th year. Our province, apart from being naturally bestowed with perhaps the best sceneries, is considered the home of the bravest, most beautiful, and ever resilient Bicolanos. And these Camarinenses have been the key to the long-lasting prestige that our province is known for.

Thus, it is my privilege to present to you through this newsletter the achivements of our province, may it be in the form of programs implemented, commitments fulfilled, services rendered, and advocacies promulgated. It is my hope that these achievements inspire, motivate, and fuel you to continue working with us for the betterment of CamSur.

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Dios mabalos!



"The poverty and hunger threshold has lowered because of our effective livelohood programs. Soon, we will also be establishing livelihood and skills training centres in various towns to empower women, youth, and senior citizens,"

- Governor Migz