Tamiawon Street lights
Posted on: Monday July 10, 2017

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime," goes a famous saying. The beauty in this saying is its use, not only in teaching a community the value of livelihood, but also the importance of environment.


Children actively engage in sports in the morning while there is still daylight.


In broad daylight, life in the island of Barangay Tamiawon is as simple as it can get. It is one of the 22 barangays of the Municipality of Garchitorena that has over 800 residents. It is pressed between the Pacific Ocean and its mountainous background, allowing the people to take advantage of the ocean and their rich soils for their daily living.

But at night, the lives of the Tamiawons had to take a pause as total darkness embrace their island. Without any source of light, livelihood-related activities and even emergency cases have to wait for the day light.

"Dati-rati, madilim talaga ang lugar namin. Walang mga street lights dito. 'Yung mga tao sabi sa'kin, Kapitan, kailangan na nating paliwanagin 'yung barangay," said Barangay Captain Samuel Ferran of Barangay Tamiawon.



Barangay Tamiawon is as dark as the night sky except for the street lights that serve as the island’s sole source of lighting.


With the help of the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur under Governor Migz Villafuerte, Brgy. Tamiawon no longer needs to endure darkness through the night as 25 street lights were provided to the island in exchange for planting mangroves in their area.

"Nagtanim lang kami ng bakawan, nagkailaw na kami, meron pang bayad sa'min,"said Merlito Orolfo, one of the mangrove planters who benefitted from the cash-for-work condition. For every mangrove planted, P0.50 went to the planter, while P0.50 went to the fund used to buy the street lights. In total, 44,000 mangroves were planted.



Nilo is one of the small fishermen whose income increased because of the mangroves they planted.


However, it is not only the street lights that eased their lives. The mangroves planted are helping prevent the hazzards that could potentially occur in their area. Also, it helped sustain the livelihoods of the small fishermen who rely on shrimps and crabs that dwell on these mangroves. Nilo Paaño, one of these fishermen, said, "Maganda po ang hanapbuhay namin dahil noon pa man pinagbawal na ni Gov. Migz ang pagpuputol ng kahoy, kasama na ang mangrove. Dahil po sa pagpapatanim na 'yan, nabenepisyohan po kaming nagbo-bobo."



Brgy. Capt. Samuel proudly shared the changes in his barangay during his term.


Through this project, the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur has indeed taught the people of Brgy. Tamiawon 'how to fish' as it was able to nurture in them an appreciation for nature that they never had before.

Brgy. Capt. Samuel shared that, after this project, their community has started thinking about planting more fruit-bearing trees and mangroves because they now know the worth and benefit of every tree. He also joyfully added, "Saan pa kaya kami makakakuha ng ganitong proyekto? Kaya kay Governor Migz, maraming maraming salamat! Talagang binigyan mo ng malaking importansya ang barangay namin!



Written By: Estel Lenwij Estropia

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