Posted on: Wednesday October 30, 2019

EDMERO orients PhD students of Bicol University on CamSur’s DRRM best practices
“EDMERO is well-organized, well-coordinated, and proactive,” discerned Dr. Leilani Pavilando.

Students from the Graduate School of Bicol University taking up Doctor of Philosophy in Development Management travelled all the way from Albay to Camarines Sur on October 20, 2019 to learn how the Environment, Disaster Management and Emergency Response Office (EDMERO) of the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur operates to keep the province and its residents safe.

Under Dr. Pavilando’s subject, Risk Vulnerabilities and Hazards in Development (PHDDM 3330), the students conducted a learning visit to Camarines Sur to study the best practices of the province on disaster preparedness and management from EDMERO.

“We want to expose the students in best practices for DRR and Camarines Sur was recommended to us as one of the provinces in Bicol Region that could really show us these practices and true enough, we were very impressed with how the EDMERO operates and how massive their role in the province is,” shared Dr. Pavilando.


The student visitors were informed of the role of EDMERO during events, incidents, and occurrence of hazards, both man-made and natural. EDMERO highlighted the imperative roles of Early Warning System (EWS), Incident Command System (ICS), Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Search and Rescue (SAR), and Camp Management Unit, among others. EDMERO has also won several awards in disaster preparedness, including 18th Saringaya Award and has also championed the recently concluded 4th UNTV Rescue Summit.

Apart from the Disaster Management, the visitors were surprised that EDMERO also handles projects and programs of the province in combating climate change and the establishment of El Verde Youth for Climate Action that has been around for 8 years and their efforts in the rehabilitation of the environment for future generations. Camarines Sur has also won 2 Guinness World Records as having the most number of trees planted in 15 minutes and the most number of mangroves planted in 12 minutes in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

The CamSur DRRM Training Academy was also introduced to the visitors, who expressed their interest in the academy as it further capacitates the community in disaster preparedness and management through trainings.

Written By: Charen Vera

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