Posted on: Thursday April 05, 2018

More than 31,750 students receive financial assistance for graduation
A total of 31,755 students from 334 schools benefitted from the free graduation fee amounting to a total of PhP 5,570,223 by the provincial government.


“Our school saved a large amount of money which can now be used for other classroom expenses that students will truly appreciate. Parents of our students were very happy upon hearing the news. On behalf of the students, thank you!” shared Manuel S. Patiam, Villazar National High School (NHS) Principal. A total of 387 students received assistance from Villazar NHS.

Forty-six schools with 4,417 students from the 1st District benefitted from the program, 134 schools with 13,115 students from the 2nd District, 72 schools with 6,438 students from the 3rd District, 43 schools with 4,214 from the 4th District, and 39 schools with 3,571 students from the 5th District.

The Graduation Fee Awarding Ceremony is an annual event held by the provincial government to ensure that schools from all districts, including those in far flung areas can celebrate their academic achievements and receive financial assistance.

Written By: Jan Marie Ramos

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