Posted on: Friday November 15, 2019

DA, CamSur provincial gov’t combat against ASF
As part of their active campaign against the African Swine Fever (ASF), the Department of Agriculture- Region V and the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur held a Contingency Planning Workshop last 7 November 2019 at Villa del Rey, Provincial Capitol Complex, Camarines Sur. The event, participated by all concerned agencies, was held to ensure that ASF will not enter the region.

In the workshop, DA and the provincial government created a Provincial Quick Response Team (PQRT) comprised of six teams namely, the animal management team, the surveillance team, the rapid action team, the logistics team, the Information and Education Campaign team, and the laboratory and diagnosis team.

During the workshop, the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) also coordinated with local government units that do not have slaughterhouses. The LGUs were advised to issue a memorandum of agreement ordering pig slaughterers to bring their pigs in other cities or municipalities with accredited slaughterhouses to ensure food safety.


Prior to the event, a series of consultation meetings with local government units and concerned stakeholders had been held, an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) made for real-time monitoring had been activated, a training on veterinary quarantine inspection had been conducted, biosecurity measures, including the disinfection of farms and slaughterhouses, had been implemented, and quarantine checkpoints in entrance and exit points of the province had been established.

Last October, the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) also raised a blue alert status for ASF. Moreover, it urged all Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Offices and Municipal Agricultural Offices to activate an EOC, monitor all farms, and manage all actions concerning ASF.

The PDRRMC also agreed to augment manpower in checkpoints located in several municipalities in the province, including Bato, Pasacao, and Del Gallego and in Tabugon, Camarines Norte for a stricter inspection of pigs and pork-related products.

Written By: Annalyn Gallego

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