Posted on: Wednesday October 30, 2019

DA-RFO V, CamSur LGU distribute equipment against ASF
“Everyone is being proactive to prevent ASF (African Swine Fever) from entering the province: Checkpoints from every boundary of the province already exist; Three quarantine guards from EDMERO and a quarantine inspector for the Bureau of Animal Industry have been deployed to each checkpoint; IEC materials have been distributed to the province; Spraying of disinfectants on hog farms are being done,” shared Ailster Jeth Llamas, Provincial Veterinarian of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturists.

Through the Executive Order No. 8 Series of 2019 issued by Governor Migz Villafuerte, the provincial government has created a task force to deal with the emerging threat on the hog industry cause by the ASF. This executive order implements safeguards on the transportation of live pigs, pork, and pork-related products into the province of Camarines Sur subsequent to the reports of hog mortality in different areas of the country.

In support of this, the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office V (DA RFO V) has given 39 knapsack sprayers and disinfectant powders for each municipality in Camarines Sur through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturists (OPA). DA RFO V has also donated cryo vials, needles, gloves, vacuum blood collection tubes, and personal protective equipment to OPA. This equipment will be used to disinfect farms, as well as to prevent the entry of the causative agent of ASF in the province.


Private sectors like UNAHCO Feeds, Inc. also help to educate the public through providing IEC materials on ASF. Moreover, BMEG also gave out disinfectant powders to be used in farm disinfection. The DA and the Provincial Government urge all swine raisers to be vigilant and follow the order to practice food bath, regular disinfection, vaccination, and deworming of farms to observe Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) and biosecurity measures.

Written By: Ma. Edelyn Bongalos

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